Applause for the good cause

I was at a meeting of Nonprofit organisations in SL. As I arrived, Laura was talking of the rescue center she works for, Horsenet. They have been to SL since July this year and have some of their horses from the center as virtual horses in their SL location. They have a lot of disabled, for example blind, horses. The horses get to live a peaceful horses life now, no work assignments, good care, company of other horses in the field. Nice change for many previously poorly treated animals.

They need donations and volunteers, both inworld and in real life, and you can sponsor a horse for just 12 dollars a month.

Please contact them for more information.
Laura's Twitter account is @Laura_J24 and The HorseNet Horse rescue has a website.

Another interesting organization, Prem-U, has a project that aims to improve the standards of education in Mali.

These were just two examples of many. The nonprofit organizations do a lot of good work in SL and in the world. Many of them are interested in communicating and working with other organizations and interested parties. Please take a look at their contact information and see if you'll find a way you can donate, support, volunteer or promote any of the good causes.

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I will be adding important links and slurls in the sidebar, so please check back when you can, thanks.

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