Strike a few poses

So, one thing I have not featured much are poses, gestures etc. That's what this post is meant to fix. Prop's&Poses (Slurl) have a lot of items, with emotions ranging from family and friends to lust and romance. What brought me to check out the store was their new line of gay and lesbian poses. Human rights issues are important to me and anything that shows positive diversity on SL is a must see for me. So what did I make of the new line? Tender couple stuff, they look pretty nice to someone who is not an avid user of poses and does not have a special someone on SL. So you have to see for yourself if you like them. If you have more places for good poses to recommend, let me know and I will post about them. This store also has a generous amount of lucky boards, dollarbies and bargains, so check those out.

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