Tour de Fashion

I did a tour at a big fashion mall and gathered some info for you about gifts and bargains. Look at the other stores too and shop away. There's a lot to see so you can make several trips if you don't have a lot of time. I also did some flying just to keep track on where I had been to already. This place has a lot to offer for fashion loving newbies and their more experienced shopaholic mentors.

Starting point: CWS Glamour Magazine (SLurl
Silver BadGirl outfit freebie
Anrol's Summer bikini freebie

Free gown gift set  at Dare2Bite

Dulce secrets exclusive skin dollarbie

NILS free gift

KDees several freebies and bargains!

Taby's Place two gifts and bargains. (Website)

SaniZen gifts

Velvetrythms gift for men and women

Hipnose fashion & Spazio Piaggio gifts for men and women

Alba fashion dollarbies and bargains

Sartoria gift for the gentlemen

House of Europe gift gown for women and two gifts for men at the Alpha Angel

The CWS fashion mall is a huge place with a lot of stores, not all were mentioned in this post.
They also have a runway and modeling lessons.

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  1. Awesome post Alana, glad you enjoyed your visit to CWS and to Taby's place especially...:))))