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I need to start doing more outfit posts and picture editing. There are so many inspiring SL fashion blogs doing amazing things that I would not be lacking inspiration.

If I was a beginner on SL now, I would start with the blogs. Fastest way to the best quality stores.

Look at this amazing post called Fancying a hair?(3) by Nina Fessbeinder on SL á Porter, and she complained computer trouble. Wow. Imagine what she could do with a working computer, haha.

I love pretty much every post by Prazillo Lemon. She obviously puts a lot of work in her outfits and picture quality. This post called Get transformed in BB Zabela is so glamorous.

Olela Alert!!! should certainly be taken serious. By following this blog you find amazing shops and items. Their post about Project Donate had the cutest image. Love that hair!

Not another fashion blog is always very up to date on what is hot. They have great outfits and I love the skins they use on the models. Like in this post called Cupcakes sale and hair fair.

So many good blogs. Too many to mention. You can find the ones I follow by checking my profile.

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  1. Hi Alana!

    Thank you so much for the mention, and compliments, that's really lovely of you to say. ♥ You are very kind. I'm really glad you're liking my blog so far.

    The 'models' is jut me though-- Dunneh, haha, but I know, I wear so many different things it's kinda amazing it's the same shape each time.(I only tweak my width depending on the outfit, not the face ;D )

    I really like your blog, and I will check out the other blogs you recommended. I never thought to do a tribute post to my fave blogs-- what a great idea, I might do that too, soon. ♥