Do I Sim excited?

Em Ellsmere wrote in her Sleek home post "Weekend hunting for home goods" about some furniture she had found during hunts she had been to.

Through that post I found this sim: Creators Pavillion, and decided to look around a bit more. So many great stores, with lucky games, freebies, dollarbies, bargains, gifts and so on. And cute stuff to buy!

You don't really need all the slurls if you feel like walking starting from one of the stores.

(Click images to see better.)

Dear Cloud (SLurl)

GJK (SLurl)

Coco SLurl

Rainbow chaser (SLurl)

KBL (SLurl)

Mocha (SLurl)

Drobak (SLurl)

MU.shop (SLurl)

Target-lab shop (SLurl)

Lika Ruby (SLurl)

Likka House (SLurl) (Website)

Diva (SLurl)

竜蹄堂書店 - Book and Cafe ryutei-do (SLurl)

(SLurl) for these 3 small stores:

Had to rest for a bit after all that shopping.

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