I recommend this blog post "New York Fashion Week . . . in Second Life", by Johanna Blakley in her blog, about how the rl fashion industry should come to SL. She makes some interesting points.

And speaking of designers, while I was checking out stores that had taken part on Wear Gray (see sidebar), I found myself at !SSUS! (SLurl). They had a box next to the front door with the option to get some materials for a designer rights campaign called Step Up! The campaign website is a good source of information as well.

My blog showcases a lot of stores that offer freebies and cheap items for newbies and other players working with a low budget. But these stores are featured also for their quality items and to support their business.

I want to remind my readers to respect the designers. Do not buy stolen goods or take unwarranted copies. When you have a better income in the future, please remember the stores that were kind enough to assist with lucky games and freebies when you had less to spend. I know a lot of people go to the stores to buy things and are not just reading for the freebies, but still I think it's a good thing to remind us all of. The designers put a lot of effort to their work and we should treat them well.

Back to recommending stores. Besides a large selection of nice items, !SSUS! has a MM-board and lucky games for us. Good luck!

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