Oooh, loot!

I spent the day exploring Caledon's Oxbridge Village.
It's surrounded by other interesting locations and some of my pics are from those. Just walk or fly around, and use the map. There's a lot to see.

My starting point was:

Montagne Noire's main store(SLurl.)

MNM - Chinese jewelry box or dresser -dollarbie, 50l bargains, Steem hunt.

There's a pub and some nice stores around the corner..

 Blak Opal (Website) has some nice costumes and fashion for men and women. And gifts by the staircase.

 The modern pirates pay for their loot.

Looking for something romantic?
M'Ladys designs (SLurl) are just for you.

 The buildings are lovely here, and so is the view.

DiBoutique (SLurl)

Sat down for a drink and for some piano music at The Sherlock Holmes tavern (SLurl).

Between shopping and hanging out at the local, I did do a lot of exploring too.

Not sure what I'd call some of these places, but I had fun.

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