New Beginners Support Items

This is interesting: a design project called "New Beginners Support Items", a joint collaboration with HAZ Starship (hsh) and Mao Melody (RibboN).
Understanding how SL is different for beginners, who run around the grid looking for freebies before they themselves are able to design, the pair decided to make items that would benefit the beginners younger than 200 days.

"The project grew and now, we have many wonderful stores that are joining this project.
During a period of one month, from September 19 to October 19, stores mentioned below will be offering wonderful free items", they say in their notecard.

"We are hoping to be able to help the new SL users to enjoy SL as much as possible.
Please bring your friends and have fun!"

List of stores:

:: hsh :: (skin & eyes ) (SLurl)
*RibboN* (apparel) (SLurl)
Black Maria さん (hair) (SLurl)
*chronokit* さん (accessory & apparel) (SLurl)
"R.A.Crystal" さん (accessory) (SLurl)
*Boshe* さん (shape & tattoo) hsh (SLurl) Main (SLurl)
Halcali さん (apparel) hsh (SLurl) Main (SLurl)
o*mさん (apparel) (SLurl)
*Farouche* さん (eyes) (SLurl)
maomi*G* さん (gesture) (SLurl)
::: Cher!sh ::: さん (apparel)(SLurl)
BABELさん (hair) (SLurl)
.::CUTIE KNIFE::. さん (apparel) (SLurl)
*mana-na*さん (pose) (SLurl)
nas:pさん (gesture) (SLurl)
..:.::Tonocco::.:.. さん (scripted gadgets) (SLurl)

I will be visiting these stores and shall post about some of them. You should visit them too. Enjoy!

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