Amazing sim

Ashira's design masterpiece Isle of Mists (SLurl) is a location I have been eager to recommend to you all.

I had been to this sim before with friends but as I was not sure if the owner would like me to share the SLurl, I did not. But now that I went back, I saw that she has a store, so I think it's ok to recommend the place to you guys.

Here is an amazing example of what good, detailed and inspired design can do on Second life. The details, the amazing beauty of the whole sim is just breathtaking. Zoom in on the tiniest plant and it is just so vibrant with colors and detail.

The designers talent is very present in the items sold at her store too. Her line of jewellery is famous for it's quality. She has art, fashion, and much much more for you to see. She has bargains and hunts, but I would recommend this place even if it did not fit with my normal criteria of newbie friendly low prices. It's just too good to pass on, even if you are low on funds.

Store in a treehouse!
Tigerfamily relaxing by the bargain items.
I love the elevator!
Romantic surroundings.
There's a church in the tree!
And this chappel made of stones is perfect for a wedding.
The thing is, this sim is gorgeous and full of things to see. It is romantic, adventurous, spiritual, fun, gorgeous. Take the teleport or fly around. Remember to go high enough, there are amazing sky terraces to see. You can spend the whole day there, or come back several times. There is always something new to find that you did not spot on your first visit. Looking for a place for a wedding? This is where I would go.

Don't scare the unicorn.


Ashira kindly gave me some additional information to add here. She actually has 3 sims and way more to see than I was aware of. Here's the information from her notecard: (All links are SLurls).
There are a lot of fun places on Isle of Mists Estates for everyone to enjoy. There is live music every Friday night at 7pm SLT in the tree tops over the store. All paid for by my Jewlery store .. Ashira's Aerie - New store on Isle of Mists.

Entertainment venue - Isle of Mists
If you like dancing .. the Waterfall Ballroom is located inside a huge waterfall and has an Intan with over 90 great couples dances. Isle of Adaron - Waterfall Ballroom
There is a long, slow carriage ride for romantic couples. The carriage starts near the Waterfall Ballroom and travels all around Isle of Adaron and Isle of Mists .. two of the most beautiful sims in SL.
Carriage ride on Isle of Adaron
Looking for a nice romantic spot or place to hang out with friends. The Avalon Inn is open to all.
Avalon Inn, Isle of Mists and be sure and check out the new Summer Rose Garden .. a great place to relax and enjoy the scenary.
Summer rose garden on Isle of Adaron
There are many romantic cuddle areas .. many of them hidden, but here are some of the best:
Serenity falls
Fantasy Skybox, Isle of Mists
Faenor - Waterfall area
For those of you spiritually inclined in this holiday season .. the Chapel of Light, Celtic Circle and Spiritual Center are open 24/7 for everyone.
Chapel of light - Isle of Mists
Celtic stone circle, Isle of Mists
Isle of Adaron - Spiritual center (Faedor)
And for the adventurous come explore the volcano on Faenor .. or try your hand at the Mystic Mayan Maze .. if you can find it :-)
Faenor (Spirit of fire)
Or explore the underwater realm here: Isle of Adaron - Sand Castle
Or take the underground Tunnel to Lyonesse starting here: Tunnel to Luonesse

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