Sigh with awe

Wolf mountain ski resort (SLurl) is a perfect place for ski'ing, horseback riding, camping, canoing, snowboarding, ice skating, sledging, and other outdoor sports. They also have a spa with sauna, swimming pool, massage etc. All the fun rides and experiences around the sim will keep you entertained for a lot of visits.

Special nature sights like the hot springs, mountain slopes and dives under ice are sure to make you sigh with awe. I loved visiting this place with a dear friend of mine. We laughed so hard, while sledging down a hill, that water poured out of my eyes.

The ski resort also makes a lovely spot for weddings and honeymoons. They have a gorgeous setting for live concerts and parties. I would enjoy just sitting at the lodge with a friend drinking hot chocolate and talking. You can rent a cottage with your special someone or a group of friends and take a nice vacation.

Every detail in this sim speaks of dreams and inspiration coming true through a lot of hard work and skill. I am happy my friend took me and I will go back often. Even for someone who is currently surrounded by a ton of snow in rl, the ski resort is a great place to spend time.