So much to see

This post on Free*Style by Sileny is just amazing. I'm a fan, as you might have noticed.

While checking out the slurl's in the post I ended up in the Tableau sim (SLurl) and had another "omg this sim is awesome!" moment. So here are some pictures.

I love the traditional belltower

I am expecting Snoopy's cousin Spike to show up anytime now.
I kinda always thought it was pretty icky that people put nakey pics on office walls. But at least this office is occupied a person with versatile tastes, as there are nakey women pictures on the walls and man magazines on the table. Apparently it's a casting office. No couch though.
This dude was the strong silent type. Not a word.
Surf couture (SLurl) sells gorgeous clothes. I have always wondered about movies that are set in some remote backwater place. Why do those places always have such gorgeous women? 
Tres blah, next door, offers a free tote bag to new subscribers. I am sure you have noticed I have a secret bag addiction. Or not so secret. It's kind of a public addiction.
And in the next room.. oh my..
I might have to send Doyle here, Kari (SLurl) has all this cool stuff he would go nuts for.
The red smexy deco of the Pig (SLurl) trailor might look a bit risque to a good girl like me, but no worries, Jesus and Elvis are in the building. So it's ok to nap here.

I think I need to do part 2 of this sim review later. So much to see and this post is getting picture heavy. So let's end this journey here, nap, and come back later, ok?

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