Happy spring festivities!

Here is an outfit compiled of things I have really liked lately. I like everything I post of course but these I really really liked. Make sense? No? Well anyway. Spring is the time of love. So let me have this one, ok?

Outfit details:

Skin: Cupcakes (SLurl) Meadow, Sepia, Easter egg hunt
Hair: Diva (Slurl) Yuria, Citrine
Eyes: CStar (closed) Cherry Killer Eyes - Berry
Hat: Mad Hatter (SLurl) Monarch Butterfly Hat, 50l special
Shoes: Baby Monkey (SLurl) Cleo boot, lime
Top: Peqe (SLurl) Cherry, Emerald, Chic limited
Pants: Peqe: Blossom, Peruvian, Chic limited
Jewellery: Twisted and Spoiled (SLurl) Have a heart, set, freebie

I went to the Chic Limited 1 (SLurl) event and it has so many great designer items that I had to take some pictures for you. Well not that I really was forced to, but I love you guys and so.. stuff, look, cool stuff! Click the images for a closer look.

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