Charity is a great thing

Here is an interesting letter to read about charity organizing in SL and how it affects the designers. I think designers should be considered more in general, so much of SL runs around money and frankly players are often quite rude in demanding freebies without paying for anything at the store. And event organizing can be quite an ordeal, but the organizers should still consider what the designers and store owners might need in terms on realistic real world money management and the right to be paid for your hard work. The letter is written by the designer and owner of Raw House, and anyone with experience in building knows how detailed and difficult work hair making is.

I admit that I often prefer the 100% donation items at charity events, but now that I think of the costs the designer and store owner has taking part in the event, I will be more considerate and pay for their work as well. I do pay for more than 90% of the products I review in my blog (rest is sent by designers). Still, charity events have been my blind spot in this case.

This is an interesting conversation to have and an important one. Charity is a great thing. And I love posting about charity events and products related to charities. However there should be realistic rules between the organizer and the entrepreneur and the money transfer process should be monitored more openly. Maybe SL should have an impartial charity system that saw through money transfers and approved the rules of events?

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