The feminine figure

Charis went to Alli&Ali today to vote on their hair style voting board. And look at the name of the gift hair!

I haven't blogged shapes before because I am very attached to my own. It was originally made by my friend and mentor Flicka, and later edited by me. But I am very far from a model figure in rl and the reason for Alana's small size is in easier accessibility of fitting clothes, which is important for blogging, not in a wish to be following society's weird sense of the feminine figure. Just as important as being a quick blogger is to be a responsible and unbiased one. So here we see Charis proudly wearing a Hourglass shape. I recommend the store for anyone looking for a more realistic look.

Hair: Alli&Ali (SLurl) Charis Hair Darkbrown, Voting Present
Eyes: Dulce Secrets (SLurl) Forest Eyes 10, Giveaway board
Skin: Glamorize (SLurl) (Bare Sensual (SLurl) ) Soliel, (10l)
Shape: Hourglass (SLurl) Sia (for Skin and Shape expo, now ended)
Outfit: Velvetrythms (SLurl) Magnetica Skyy, Group lucky chair

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