Alana sends Fanmail

Ok, so you know I have been a huge fan of Howear (SLurl) and Duce (SLurl) for ages now. Well today I have great news for you. Duce is now doing mens shoes as well! And today there is a cool set on the 25l promo wall at Howear.

This is what Saint, the owner and designer of Duce said in the notice:
"Today on the L$25 wall at Ho Wear, DUCE has a his and hers boots Over Lord for the MEN and Over lord Goddess for the ladys. Heidi has an outfit in 5 colors called "Lexy" HAVE A GREAT DAY".

Well great day indeed.
I was staring at Heidi's outfits and Saints boots and going "man they make all their hard work look effortless, and do such a damn good job, constantly".

Congrats Saint!

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