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Just a quick post for content creators. I found myself taking part in the
Sculpt Studio Office Hour (Every Sunday 6 am SLT 2 pm SLT) by the makers of Sculpt Studio and the new Mesh Studio (Website) at Tech Expo (Website) (SLurl), an island for classes and information for SL content creators. Interesting information, about the tools, and advice for creating, can also be found in the group Sweet sculpties (Group).

I am very new to sculpting, so I am only offering you these links to where to find the information. I have done some very simple sculpts on Rokuro (Website), but am not yet familiar with more advanced tools. You can find classes for builders in other groups as well. I have found Builders Brewery (Group) and Happy Hippsters (Group) very useful. They also have free materials and building sandboxes.

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