I was just gonna pop in

I was just gonna pop in at Lisp Bazaar (SLurl) for the 50l Fridays on my way to take pictures for my post, but then I saw they had a market set up with a lot of amazing stuff for just 10 lindens and I wanted a quick look around at the store itself and well I am still there and want to take everything home with me, lol.
So I just ended up taking my picture while there. The sofa on the left is called Boho and is one of the 10l items they have scattered indoors as well. On the table in the middle I found a craft basket for 45l and I am a huge crafting fanatic, so of course I had to get it. Fans of old horror and those of you who spend time with or are geeks probably know Lovecraft.. Well Lisp has an entire room with dark and mysterious stuff that is just made of awesome and I had to get a chair with a creature on it that reminds one of Cthulhu. I might go back for the one with a Raven (E.A.Poe anyone?) on it. Do you ever play the game "who would you wanna be if you weren't you?" Well I would so wanna be the person who makes this stuff. The store is visually so gorgeous, I want to move in.

Outfit details:

Skin: Tellaq (SLurl) Sally Style 6, DIM3 (Website)
Shoes: Spring field (SLurl) Spring Flats, Bear, Ribbon, white
Hair: Red Queen (SLurl) Hope, Coral - Cherry
Scarf: Zeerys (SLurl) Silk Sun Scarf, English Rose, 5l
Outfit: Sleeping Koala (SLurl) Candy Cane Ribbon Outfit, POE4 (Website)
Eyes: Redgrave (SLurl) Avie, Air

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