Blog award :)

I got my first blog award. :) It 's from a rl friend, Taina, I have known and loved for years. She is such a delightful person, truly gorgeous in so many ways. Wish more people would be like her, things would be so much better on this planet. Her blog is in Finnish, way worth checking out. :) And my first award goes back to her!

I translated these rules and questions pretty quickly, so excuse me for any silliness. :)

So the deal is, having received the award, you answer a few questions, then you give the award to a few people and tell us why, and you go to their blogs to leave a comment telling them to pick it up. :)

When did you start your blog?
Pretty much the same moment I started on SL.

What do you write about, what is your blog about?
I write about the experiences I have on SL, and elsewhere in the metaverse. My most visible subject is fashion, but I also do sim reviews, write about building and try to cover important events and causes. Newbies are close to my heart, I try to offer them some tips along the way.

What makes your blog unique?
I started to do my blog this way naturally. I didn't really plan it. I just felt like showing people what the locations look like, so they can maybe decide easier, if they want to click the slurl. I guess my way of blogging fashion is new in that sense, I show the location. I absolutely love the amazing pictures so many fashion bloggers are taking. I myself feel I am not capable for such quality and detailed work as studio pictures require. I often notice my pictures are better when I pose on location.

What made you start blogging?
I wanted to give an account of my experiences, share what I saw with people. I also felt like telling the story of a newbie had some value. And I love blogging in general.

What would you change about your blog?
I often change the appearance and try new techniques. I have been wondering if I should have a more official type of a blog, but now I get to do that on SpotON3d, so I think this blog can remain a personal account.

And the blog award goes to..

Sleek home has been one of my favorite blogs for ages. Em Ellsmere finds the best deals in SL for your home and garden. I love the pictures, the look of the blog and Em's talent for making her blog both usable and beautiful.

Being Yordie Sands is a beautiful account of Yordie's life on SL. She often has new and interesting things to show us, and her heart is in everything she does. Yordie was one of the first people to comment on my blog when I started. We have not spent time together inworld or anything, but I feel like we are friends through our blogs.

Zillo Insist is a fashion lover's favorite. Prazillo Lemon has become a quick success in the SL fashion world, and for good reason. I like the professional look of her blog. She is a great photographer, as I can testify from personal experience as well as from having been a fan of her blog for a while now. Zillo is a fun person to hang out with and has a great sense of style.

Jule Lemondrop takes the most beautiful pictures that always have a fun consept in them and give you something extra. Her finds are interesting and her picks inspiring and I often find myself following her lead.

I love ir(regular) guy for making quality posts for the men of SL. Men are still a bit overlooked in the fashion metaverse, but blogs like these show that there are plenty of people who work to change that, and do it with skill.


  1. Congratulations ^;^

  2. Thanks Alana, you are an awesome person and a great friend. Hugs