I have an amazing new opportunity

I have an amazing new opportunity that I can now tell you about. I am so excited and honored to be part of a virtual community called SpotON3D. I am writing for their blogs, mainly the Veesome blog, and working with their team, getting to know the virtual experience better from within.
I will be sharing some information that has to do with both Second life and SpotON3D later, as there are new interesting ways to interact between game systems. I already talked about how my designer friend Gitana (SLurl) has transferred her quality shoes between grids so that you can have your favorite ones in both worlds. Later on I will show you how the cooperation between grids is enriching the gaming experience for all of us. Here is my first post to the SpotON3D blog.
When the tsunami releaf donation information is available, I will post about that regarding both worlds as well. You can learn more about SpotON3d by visiting their SpotON3D Biz Solutions (SLurl) inworld spot in SL.

I thought this picture of a beautiful gate, from the first live event I attended at the SpotON3D grid, MusicaJam at the SpotON3D Dev region, would be appropiately symbolic. :)

Zerbie Magic, a talented singer songwriter, was performing beautifully in this new fantasticly designed  region. She is known for her live performances in Second life and is now finding an appreciative audience in SpotON3d as well. She was also a great example of how the artistic community supports each other, as she was filling in for the intended performer, who was experiencing technical difficulties. You can find her by name in both worlds. If you are a motivated live performer yourself and wish to find new avenues for your art, this is a great event for you to get involved with.

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