Mint condition

I went to take a look at the event Mint Madness, taking place from March 10th to 30th at Twomoons Island (SLurl). The gorgeously designed, detailed sim now has decorations fitting the event theme. Items in carts around the island, and in residential stores, are priced L$130 or under. I found a lot of good looking quality things that I will have plenty of use for both in outfits and in home and garden decor. There were some freebies, dollarbies and gatchas as well.

Necklace, earrings: Ripe (SLurl) Big'Ol Medallion
Hair (mens): Red Mint (SLurl) No.04, Argent
Eyes: N:o 21. Red Mint
Skin: MiaSnow (SLurl) Mint & Berry Warpaint, tan
Lipstick: Kosh (SLurl) Wet lips, Chocomint
Shoes: Lazy Places (SLurl) Wren Wedges, Mint
Socks: Silent Sparrow (SLurl) (Minty) Knitty Socks A
Pants: Pink (SLurl) Roxy Bermuda Shorts, grass
Top: Bubble (SLurl) Green Ruffle Dress
Shape: My own

ni.Ju (SLurl) Fantasy Mint Flower, Mint Piercing Freebie
Cheap cheap (SLurl) Mint Book, Mint cabdles (box)

Schadenfreude (SLurl) Mint Sparrow
Just A Pose (SLurl) Vintage Fainting Couch (avocado damask)

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