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The creative community of SL has come together amazingly fast and in great numbers to raise money for the charities helping people in Japan and other tsunami and earthquake affected areas.

One big fundraising event gathering a lot of attention right now is the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser (SLurl). 100% of all money raised will go to the charity AmeriCares.

Here are a couple outfits put together from my findings.

Hair: Rock Candy (SLurl) Melfina Hair (Fat Pack sold at event) pink
Skin: Heartsick (SLurl) Haiku, Muse, Aikou (MC)
Shoes: Duh (SLurl) Classic Patent Pumps, Blossom (25l!)
Dress: Aoharu (SLurl) Offshoulder gauze tunic, red

Poses: Poseur (SLurl) PCF exclusive poses
Skirt: The Secret Store (SLurl) Froufrou, Onyx
Top: Static Clothing Co. (SLurl) Dayna (dress)
Shoes: Lazy Places (SLurl) Wren Wedges, PCF Red
Hair: Magika (SLurl) PCF Red, Aina
Skin: Heartsick (SLurl) Haiku, Muse, Aikou (C/F)

A few pictures from the busy event hall.
The tunic by Aoharu was featured in the first outfit.
My friend Starlight (SLurl) is participating with a gown called "Violet" and a fatpack of gorgeous dresses.
The hairstyles sold by 3636 are only 75l!

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