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Ok, so you know when you have something that you keep forgetting so much it sort of becomes ridiculous? And you always go "oh, need to remember to do that this time" and forget again? I do that about poses. I am such a terrible SL blogger. *sigh*

But now that I found this awesome pose store called Long Awkward Pose (SLurl) and read the rules they had on their Blogger Appreciation Program, I got a bit ashamed, because basicly, all they ask is for you to credit pose makers to receive their blogger pose for free. I finally decided to do something to avoid this mistake in the future. So feast your eyes on the sidebar, where I now list the basic details of poses and mention the ao and posestand I use. I have mentioned pose credits when the pose has been the subject of the post, but that's not enough. I truly appreciate the creative work any content makers do and wish to credit them when credit is due.

Ok and to the shop review.. There are free female and male ao's by the update group sign that I recommend you take a look at. The variation in poses found in the store is great and I like the sleek stylish look of both the store and the ads. There is a nice mix of fun and careful consideration in the poses. And yes, they have a pose dedicated to bloggers. :)

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  1. Aw, you aren't alone! It's easy to forget to credit poses. I know pose makers who forget. lol So don't feel bad - and I think it's awesome that you're attempting to change that habit! So kudos on you! <3 Thank you for the kind words also.