Here's another picture of the blue outfit, I just love it so much.
I posted the details earlier.

I think you can tell from my images that I am not a photographer, but I try. :)

Another amazing thing in EaHH market (SLurl, the charity event (website), is that they also have landscaping items. In this picture you can spot the 5x5 Flowering Plant Array 9 by AA Garden Center (SLurl), their Flowering Wheat - light blue and their Late season Maple. They also have such products as "Offshore Mountain Quad" and "Blue Lagoon Water Prim 20 x 20" at the market. So check out their store and the market.

I am building again. Got some more land and want to start over. I just love plants and "gardening" on SL. And, walking around my land wearing pretty gowns, of course. LOL

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