Inspired by a post in the blog Being Yordie Sands, I went to take a look at this gorgeous sim group called Calas Galadhon (SLurl) owned by Tymus Tenk & Truck Meredith.

This great park, formed by a 9 sim group, is just a masterpiece of sim design and making the SL experience better and more relaxing for everyone.  I took some pictures for this post, but as Yordie's post shows, there are some great artistic shots at the iMagination Gallery at Natchez Trace (SLurl) taken by Magi McBride.

From their introduction notecard:
Come immerse yourself in the early American coastal countryside that is ‘CALAS’.

There are now 9 sims to the Park.

Each sim has a unique feel, yet are tied together with verdant fields & farms, high mountain meadows and winding streams through its woodlands & valleys which eventually lead to the natural beauty of the coast. There is also the island of Armenelos where the 'Santorini' build by Bora Rossini , can now be found.
About donations to their favorite charities:
While we support two of our favorite charities … donation kiosks at the landing point … we ask nothing for the opportunity to share our home but that all visitors treat each other with kindness & respect. 
The sims are open for visitors:
This is strictly a PARK sim, meaning no rentals  … no shopping … ALL HOMES & BUILDINGS ARE OPEN for you … these sims a gift to our friends and SL family, to provide a spot to sit back , enjoy and find some peace amidst the beauty of our natural world brought into Second Life.

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  1. Exactly!! Oh, and there's soooo much more to discover. My favorite place is the forest. Try wandering in there and at some point go off the trail (no using the cam), and find your way deep in there. There are little cottages you can find and just campout in for as long as you like. It's really amazing in Calas.