Dig deep

Here is an another way to help the people suffering from the floods in Queensland, Australia. VelvetRythms (SLurl) is having a charity event with live performers. Here's what their notecard said:

"With the tragic floodwaters causing so much damage in Queensland, it is only natural that we should do something, no matter how small, to try to help the people who have become homeless and lost so much in these past days.

With this in mind we at VelvetRythms want to do our part to help our neighbours, and so this Sunday 16th January starting from 12 noon SLT we will be having some live performers at the VR Main Store. These talented performers will be entertaining us all and have agreed to do this free of charge, as part of their contribution to this worthy cause.

So keep you Sunday free and come and join us at VelvetRythms! We have set out 4 donation boxes to the flood relief and we urge you to be generous - remember, it could be you next time....

Velvet will also be putting out some new designs specifically that day, and ALL sale proceeds from theseoutfits will go towards the Flood Relief Fund.

So come on everyone, dig deep, these people need our help, and let's show them that we care!

Velvet & Snooks"

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