Gallery find

Ok so I was walking around a sim and came to a café, where they had some gorgeous paintings on the walls. So I had to see who the artist was. From the picks of the objects maker I found out, that she has an art association called Cadeling. They exist both in rl (Southern France) and in SL (SLurl).

So I went to their gallery on SL to look around and spotted a beautiful painting by the entrance, and to my amazement, it's a free gift! Looking at the paintings I realised, I have actually seen Lings work on SL before. :) No wonder it caught my eye :)

Ling Serenity, alias melina m in RL. Painter, illustrator, graphic designer, mangaka has a website.

Cadel is a French Artist from Aurillac in the south of the Auvergne region, and has a website too. Also check out the Tournicoton art gallery (SLurl).

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