An update from Extend a helping hand

An update from Extend a helping hand. Way to go everyone! Still more to do, keep donating. :)

"Hi Everbody!

I'll get straight into the news: so far, we've raised over US$1500 to go towards the Premier's Disaster Relief Appeal, and that number is still rising. Let's try to make it to US$2000!

Even if you've already had a look arount the Event Hall for the Extend a Helping Hand Market, it might be time to check back:

- Miamai has put up a lovely new dress, full of lovely pink and sparkley bits
- This is a Fawn has set up some adorable leggings, a sexy dress and some super-cute cardis
- SLink has put up some rain boots... and make sure you look closely - they have adorable frogs inside!
- The Stringer Mausoleum has set up a full av set and other fun items, such as eyes and demon-bits
- C&D Designs has set up some new items, including an animated wall sculpture and bubbley bubbles

I'll certainly continue to let you know when more items are added or cycled at the hall.

I've also extended out the market: it will now go until the 8th of February, and a limited selection of additional vendors will be joining us on the 25th of January with some more great donation items for you to purchase. For all of the latest information, including complete participant lists, links to other blogs featuring the event, associated event updates and more, be sure to check out http://katjohnston.com.

That's all for now!


Sanura Sakai / Kat Johnston."

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