Siren song

The Kelp Siren (female)

Here is another amazing creature from Grenlade's children (SLurl). I am just in love with this one! She sings, makes bubbles and does spells that can bring up a storm, different kinds of waves and even water statues! The sound effects are great.

Imagine exploring the great SL seas as a siren who can hide in plant form as a kelp and defend herself with spells. Or invite suiters with her song just to have an audience for a wave even the craziest surfers would not dare try. So much fun! And what kind of a pet would a dangerous beauty like her have? Well, of course she has a jellyfish as her companion.

Too many pictures of just one avatar? Shh, she is bit of a diva, we might get on her bad side. Look at the brooding face, so cute it takes just long enough for you to admire it and get swept away by the monster wave.

200l is a very reasonable, cheap even, price for this avatar, seeing what she can do and how beautifully crafted she is.

I heard that the Deep sea siren I posted about in my previous entry is awaiting for some updates and not available right now. Sorry about that, I hope you enjoyed my images anyway.

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