Comfort fashion

Oufit details:

Tee*fy (SLurl) Anya's pico trapper hat Nordic, blue no muffs, 1/11 event (SLurl)
Lilypads (SLurl) Perfectly Plum turtleneck and jeans
Baby Monkey (SLurl) leg warmers, blues, and Domina boots, blues
Beloved jewelry (SLurl) Glamour bracelet
Garded secret (SLurl) Smoking gun tan skin
*evie*/Pompompom (SLurl) Snowflake Queen Eyes

[ILAYA] (SLurl) Pose Ladder (my earlier post)

Paloma Faith - Upside Down

Angels watching over me with smiles upon their face
Coz I have made it through this far in an unforgiving place
It feels sometimes this is too steep for a girl like me to climb
But I must knock those guards right down I do it in my own time

I don’t care (care care)
I’m half way there (nowhere)
On a road that leads me to straight to who knows where

I tell you what (I tell you what)
What I have found (What I have found)
That I’m no fool (That I’m no fool)
I’m just upside down (Just upside down)

Ain’t got no pain (Ain’t got no pain)
I ain’t got no rules (Ain’t got no rules)
I think I like (I think I like)
Living upside down (Living upside down)

Watchin’ people scurry by rushing to and fro
Oh this world is such a crazy place it’s all about the go go go

Sometimes life can taste so sweet When you slow it down
You start to see the world a little differently When you turn it upside down


(Whoa Whoa Whoa)
You gotta slow it down
(Yeah Yeah Yeah)
But then you pick it up
(Whoa Yeah Whoa)
C’mon and try a little topsy-turvy back-to-front the right way round
Take it slow slow slow (You gotta pick it up)
Yeah Yeah Yeah (See you slow it down)
Yo Yo Yo (Tell me something something)


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