Gold as ice

Jaqueline Fashion (SLurl) has released a new full avatar pack. I have the pleasure of introducing it to you. In the pictures are just some of what the package includes. The skin is absolutely gorgeous and the shape is fashionable but not too skinny, very beautiful. I love the way the couture dress moves with the avatar.

There are a lot of clothes and shoes to pick from. This package works both for a beginner on SL and an experienced player who loves fashion. The shoes are great quality and have plenty of options for skin color, nail color, jewellery color and bling. If you take off the attachments, the couture dress works as a cocktail dress or a simpler gown. The skin pack has many options to choose from. And I like the hair style, it does not glitch with any parts of the dress and fits the skin and shape nicely.

The set is modifiable but adjusted to the shape, so the package is ready to use, and the items quick to put on.

Here is the full list of items:

Skins with 25 Makeups
Eyes brown
Hair black
Boots Saral multicolour (9 colour changer, 2 styles)
Heels Sabrina black
Clothes Set 1 "Chantal" with:
  2 Top
  3 Underpant
  1 Undershirt
  2 Skirts
  1 Socks
Clothes Set 2 "Emma" with:
  1 Top
  2 Pant
  2 Flexiskirt
  1 Neck
  1 Belt
  2 Sleeves
Clothes Set 3 "Chantal" with:
  1 Top
  1 Pant
  10 Skirt
  1 Miniskirt
  2 Gloves
  1 Belt
  3 Socks
  1 Undershirt
  2 Underpant
The official ad from the store blog has more items pictured.

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