The Wind

Long day of blogging and dancing and fun. How about a nap in a comfortable chair, while the wind takes your best wishes to the world?

Outfit: PomPomPom (SLurl) (Website) Ruffle Outfit, The Next Big Thing hunt prize
Hair: TRUTH  (SLurl) Jess, freebie
Bow: TRUTH, Kylei bow, freebie
Chair: LP2 (SLurl) New Year Gift 2011A
Decoration: Sleepy hollow (SLurl) Heart with satin birds, this week's freebie
Flags: by Quasar Silverfall / Flop House (SLurl) Free item ("Prayer flags are a way Tibetan buddhists, and a continually growing number of buddhists and people of many other traditions around the world, offer prayers for the benefit of all sentient beings. ")

The Next big Thing Hunt

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