Edit: No wonder the hunt item seemed impossible to find at the sim. It is. There is a note by the huntsign that says "the Season hunt item is in Elliott" but as you can see from my picture, it's not very clear. And there is no explanation as to what "Elliott" might be, at least I didn't find one (could be lag of course), nor a landmark. So there are quite a few annoyed searchers around the sim right this moment. Maybe it's clear to the people who know the store from way back, but to new people the sign should be clearer. And the hunt notecard has this sim on it. Well it was a nice day of exploring, but would have saved time to have the correct information.

Edit 2: Didn't mean to bitch, it's a great hunt. Love the items I have found so far. ;)

Anyway, for the Season hunt item of Rucott, go to their other store. (SLurl)

Found a beautiful sim while doing the Seasons hunt (Website). Rucott (SLurl) is a showcase of great landscape design on SL. Just didn't find the hunt item.. yet. ;)

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