Fashion secret I have been bursting to tell you

Here is an update on Starlight's Mainstore (SLurl).

2nd floor now has a lucky board, and the 1st floor has a lucky chair. New group gifts are  on the 2nd floor, one for women, one for men! The vendors have a new look as well. Oh and freebies are available as well.

And there is a new addition to the store that I am just thrilled to announce. Gitana's shoes are gorgeous and they are scripted in inventive new ways, an unique compilation in SL. You have to see these shoes! And they match well with Starlight's gorgeous outfits!

From the notecard:
"There is also one new arrival to my store! My friend and colleague, designer Gitana Firanelli has now her vendor here with shoes and boots for sale. She is an excellent script maker so there will be 2 different types of products: shoes and boots that match my outifts with resizer script and adjustable skin colors, and an exclusive, more expensive line that has all this plus the ability to change textures and colors as you wish, in many different ways.  When you invest in this very versatile product, you can play with textures and colors, tones, so you have the feeling you don't need any other shoes in your inventory.  Take a close look.  It is well worth the price.  Updates are available as Gitana enhances the extended line".

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